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Below are Testimonials from a few of our clients. 

Under Debra Wolk's care and guidance I have learned the amazing relationship between the body, the mind and the spirit.  Facing major surgery I believed massage and reflexology would better prepare me for a successful recovery.  Debra worked with me through a series of sessions prior to surgery.  I truly believe that it was instrumental in my quick recovery.  When caring for my seriously ill sister, she insisted that I make time for regular massages.  She noted that in doing so not only did I benefit, but she did as well.  She noticed the difference.  Debra's skillful massages, her extensive aromatherapy knowledge, her experience and her willingness to address individual needs makes her an outstanding professional.  More importantly, her caring and compassion as well as her ability to make each one of us feel important makes her a very special individual.  These qualities and skills are why Massageworks is part of my wellness program.

Eunice J

I SO look forward to my appointments every other week at Massageworks!  It's like being in paradise for an hour and a half.  I arrive with a weeks worth of tension and stress and leave feeling like me again.  I can't imagine not having a massage.  Not only are my physical tensions gone but the mental tensions as well.

Anita S

Massage Therapy has without question changed my life dramatically.  Massage was actually recommended to me by my physician.  After he ruled out all the horrors such as MS, etc. he was left bewildered.  His opinion was possibly Fibromyalgia or damaged ligaments.  I refused to accept that at 40 years old I was unable to lead a normal life.  Daily issues like getting out of bed, sitting, walking, etc. were painful events for me.  In a very short period of time the benefits of Massage has helped me to live a pain free lifestyle.  Massage therapy is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  The long term benefits are remarkable.  The key to Massage Therapy is finding the right Therapist.  I highly recommend Massageworks to everyone that I meet that may complain about pain and stress.

Lisa C

I have had great success using Massage as a complimentary therapy in treatment of my Fibromyalgia.  In fact, during both my pregnancies, massage therapy was the only Fibromyalgia treatment I received.  Debra Wolk is a highly skilled therapist who is well versed in many areas of massage therapy, and tailors each massage to my needs of the moment.  I would (and have) recommended Massageworks to anyone wishing to enjoy a feeling of complete well-being and rejuvenation.

Diane G

All I can say is you've got to come to MassageWorks and let Deb
take away all your stress, aches and pains. This is one appointment
I always look forward to. There's a good reason I call her Doctor Deb.
I have been living with a cervical spine disorder for over a year and
with the therapy I receive from MassageWorks my neck pain and
stiffness are decreased significantly after each session. Try it, you'll
love it!

Steve F.


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